A [Very Late] Cabo San Lucas Recap

Last time on the blog, I showed you how to pack for a five-day Mexican vacation in one carry on, but now I’m here for the fun stuff: what I actually did in Mexico! (Bare with me, I’ll try to keep this concise!)

The flight to Mexico went very smoothly and I was entertained the whole time watching hilarious Amy Schumer in Trainwreck on my iPad. The guy next to me probably thought I was insane for laughing so much…

Once you enter the Cabo airport it’s absolutely overwhelming to see the line for customs. The room is probably as big as a football field and is filled with people waiting in the roped-off lines to get checked by Mexican personnel. It was especially bad because it was a Saturday afternoon, their “rush hour,” if you will. After more than 45 minutes of dragging my luggage back and forth through the roped-off lines, I finally made it through, back out to the fresh air.

Upon arriving to the Hilton, I was home. This was my third time staying there and it just felt right. While checking in, I was greeted with a complimentary margarita and escorted to my ocean-front room. It. Was. Amazing. I’d never stayed on the first floor before and I was a little worried the view wouldn’t be as good but boy was I wrong. I had the best seat in the house!

The view from my personal patio off my ocean-front room.

After reuniting with my parents and exploring the property a little more, (the Hilton Los Cabos was closed for 9 months of renovation after Hurricane Odile destroyed much of the property, we hadn’t stayed there since 2013) we headed to one of the resort’s restaurants for the first meal of the trip. I had some delicious shrimp (which you’ll notice will be a trend on this vacation) and enjoyed reconnecting with my parents. We all went to bed pretty early, tired from the long day of traveling.

I woke up uncharacteristically early (due to the time change and excitement) and was able to catch the sun rising over the ocean and I’m so glad I did because it was absolutely beautiful. The pictures really don’t do it enough justice.

I was also able to catch the resort’s infinity pool completely smooth and thought it was just absolutely breathtaking. One of the best parts about this hotel by far.

We had an amazing breakfast at the resort’s gourmet buffet every day which usually consisted of fresh fruit, traditional Mexican dishes, omelets, pastries and freshly squeezed juices (my favorite was tangerine!). Then it was off to the pool to get our tans on (as a very pale family this is a slight exaggeration). One of the new additions to the resort since the remodel was various hammocks around the pool, which I loved. Such a perfect spot to read and get some rays.

We had a great lunch poolside at the new and improved Mio cafe. I enjoyed some delicious fresh fish tacos with a crisp side salad. Definitely would recommend.

That evening we decided to go into Downtown Cabo (where most of the popular spots are) for dinner. We made reservations at the Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, located at the Hacienda Beach Club and Residences. We’d never been before and heard great things because our favorite, Edith’s, was all booked up. The place was gorgeous and open-air and, of course, had delicious food as well. I got some amazing jumbo shrimp served on mashed potatoes and I was in heaven.

The next day included another breakfast buffet, hanging out by the pool and probably the most delicious shrimp tacos I’ve ever engorged. My mouth is drooling just thinking about them… the margarita wasn’t half bad either. 😉

After satisfying our bellies, we went on a walk on the beach. The Hilton has one of the only swimmable beaches in Cabo (most are too strong or rocky) which is nice, and although its private, we’re able to walk either way down the beach to see the beautiful beach homes and resorts along the way.

That evening we had dinner at the beautiful Cabo Azul resort, which had a great restaurant right on the beach, complete with its own amazing mariachi band. We were able to catch this beautiful sunset from the resort.

Unfortunately, the next day was extremely windy and a little chilly so we laid pretty low. But luckily, we finished the day with a dinner at the famous Flora’s Field Kitchen. This is a must-do in Cabo. We’d heard a lot of amazing things from friends that have been there before so it was finally time to try it ourselves! Not only is the food amazing, but the drinks are very eccentric and absolutely delicious. The entire restaurant is open air and includes a great little mini “farmer’s market.”

Why yes, this is a Carrot Margarita

The next day was much like the one before- it was a tad windy but a little more bearable. We braved the elements (LOL) and laid by the pool anyway. After all, it was our last day. However, we decided to head over to the Las Ventanas al Paraiso for lunch. Let me tell you: this resort is beautiful. I would totally stay there… if it weren’t completely out of the budget. But I was in love with the landscaping, architecture and art all around. Not to mention the gorgeous view. Naturally I had to order more shrimp tacos (they were delish) and a yummy watermelon mojito.

That night we had a great dinner back at the Hilton and reluctantly started packing up. The next day we didn’t have too much time to do much of anything, but we were able to squeeze in one last order of margaritas and guacamole.

If  you couldn’t already tell, I had an absolutely amazing trip and I’m still pretending I can hear the ocean… If you’ve never been to Cabo, check out my travel guide, which has some places to check out that I didn’t mention here!

Where did you go for Spring Break? Comment below and tell me all about it!

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