Formal 2016

Hi y’all! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I was so so busy, so I just wanted to share a few pics from my formal! I’ll let you in on a few very important formal tips as well…

1. Go with your best friends. 
I think I spent the entire night laughing simply because I was with all of my best friends. It’s honestly the best way to go.

2. Get a date that can dance.
I didn’t actually know my date could dance but he sure showed me up on the dance floor!

3. Take lots of pictures.
You won’t regret having hilarious bloopers to turn into memes later.

4. Buy that dress.
I bought mine on HelloMolly and even though I had to pay $15 for shipping (thanks Australia…) it was totally worth it. I felt like a million bucks. (P.S. my shoes are from Target!!!!)

5. Have fun. Be an idiot. Make mems.
You only get so many college formals, so live them up!

How was your weekend? What were you up to? Comment below!



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