That Girl with the Flu

That's me ladies and gentlemen: I am the germ-infested, groggy-headed, nasty ass girl with the flu. I can't say I'm super surprised. It's been going around and I've been spending plenty of time at social events and in the library so it was basically inevitable for me to get sick as well.

I began to feel straight-up shitty after class on Monday and decided to crawl in bed and take a nap- hoping I'd feel better. Nope. Didn't work. I woke up with a worse feeling sore throat. Luckily one of my good friends was kind enough to walk to Kroger with me to grab some ice cream, hoping it would soothe my throat. The chocolate chip cookie dough Ben & Jerry's was delicious but it didn't exactly cure me. I went to bed, once again hoping I'd feel better.

Tuesday I woke up feeling even worse. Great. I made the executive decision to skip my two classes that day and rest up. My wonderful roommate went to lunch with me to get some soup, which was nice, but I immediately regretted walking across campus. I planned on doing some studying in bed but with some horrible body aches, this idea went out the window and I ended up laying in bed, watching Mad Men for four hours. For dinner, I hoped Chipotle would cure my illness, so I Favor'd in a burrito bowl. I'd be lying if I said it didn't help, but it certainly did not cure me. In an attempt to be positive, I left my room for the second time that day to try to go study. My attempt lasted about an hour until I finally decided to throw in the towel and head to the only urgent care clinic open at 10pm on a Tuesday: the pediatric urgent care. After sitting in a brightly colored room on colorful paper I found out I had the flu! Awesome!!! 

Although this wasn't exactly the best news ever, I was glad I was actually sick and not just suffering from imabitchitis. I was also relieved to find that there was a pharmacy by campus open at that time of night that I could get my meds from. I headed to the local Walgreens and was surprised to find a line 6 humans deep at 10:30 at night. I waited in this sad, sad line for 30 minutes with my condition slowly dwindling and even considered leaving without medicine but I stuck it out. I also picked up ramen, chicken noodle soup, mac n cheese, cheez-its and cough drops to enable my impending hibernation for the next 24 hours.

This morning I woke up feeling equally as shitty, but after popping my medicine and some Advil, I was feeling better within the hour. This small feat was much needed seeing as how I had a very important phone interview and at least a day's worth of studying/work to do. So naturally I'm blogging instead of doing that work but oh well. For some reason I found it necessary to share my pain with the world today. Since the body aches are currently gone and I'm only dealing with a sore throat, I'm pushing through until I need anther break. Pray that I can study enough to pass my test tomorrow!

I hope everyone else is in better health than I am currently! Drink your fluids and take your vitamins so you don't end up bed-ridden like yours truly!

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