Fort Worth Summer Bucket List

Today's the day I head back to Fort Worth for the Summer. It was a great, sometimes boring, three weeks in Kansas City, but I'm more ready to get back down to the great state of Texas. The U-HAUL is packed, my car is stuffed and we're ready to go. Because I'm currently job-less (I'm trying to change that within the next week), I'll have plenty of time to work on the blog, finish decorating the new house (I can't wait to share pics!) but most importantly, attempt to complete this bucket list I've compiled for my summer! I've made this specifically for myself but I wanted to share in case anyone else was looking for some ideas on what to do this summer!

Fort Worth Summer Bucket List

Fort Worth Summer Bucket List
⬜ Visit Austin
⬜ Host a dinner party
⬜ Go to a local fair
⬜ Have a day trip to Dallas to shop
⬜ Get back to the Food Truck Park
⬜ Go to the Drive-In
Saw Finding Dory with Mark and Mary! 7/14/16
⬜ Paddleboard on the Trinity River 
⬜ Go to a Rangers game
⬜ Read at least two books
⬜ Spend some serious time (and $$$) on my blog
⬜ Visit five new restaurants (or bars or eateries)
*1: Visited "Greek House" right near TCU with my good friend Mark because it had a great Yelp review and it was cheap. Would probably eat again, but always take out (the restaurant gives me weird vibes). 6/8/16
2: Cork and Pig. Try the pizza! To die for, 
3: Barcadia. Free games on Tuesdays? Yes please! Giant Jenga is the way to go.
⬜ Make boozy popsicles (I love this recipe I found on Pinterest!)
⬜ Go to a Farmer's Market
⬜ Visit my brother in NYC
⬜ Check out the Czech Stop (hehe, get it?)
⬜ Float down a river
Fourth of July fun on the Brazos River! 7/4/16
⬜ Attend an outdoor concert
⬜ Play a round of golf

Think I can do it? I'll try to keep this post updated with comments on when I complete some of these and details! I've been doing summer bucket lists since forever and I'm excited to have a new city and state to explore for this one!

Do you have a summer bucket list? I'd love to check it out! Leave me a link below!

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  1. Austin is definitely worth a visit (or 2, 3 or 10). If you want to knock out two at once look into going to Nutty Brown Cafe and Amphitheater when you visit. They host all sorts of great bands. Looks like a fun summer!