The Bar Cart

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As some of you know, I recently moved back to Fort Worth for the summer into my first house ever! For someone obsessed with decorating, this was a dream come true for me. Not only could I decorate my bedroom, but a kitchen and a living room as well? I was in heaven. Well, surprise surprise decorating a house on a strict budget & with roommates was easier said than done. However, the house is coming together and I’m so excited to share some pictures! Today I’m only sharing the bar cart.

This was one project I was most looking forward to because bar carts are ~all the rage~ right now and very #pinterestchic. However, getting this bar cart was a bit of a journey. First, my mom and I ventured to the Ikea back in Kansas City with a few things on our list, but our most important item was the BYGEL Utility Cart. We got all the way through the store and got to the warehouse (which, for those of you who don’t know, is basically a huge self-serve Costco with pallets of boxes of unmade furniture) and went to find the prized utility cart and it. was. not. there. We went to one of the employees for help and after looking the item up in the computer, he gave us the tragic news that the cart was not being sold there anymore and they weren’t up for any restocks, insinuating that the cart was being discontinued. *Bloggers screams heard ’round the world* I don’t know if that man was giving false information or what, but if you’ve had your eyes on this cart, now would be your time to buy. Naturally, I was not about to give up on my Pinterest-y bar cart dreams, so I went to the second best option: the internet. Luckily for me, the BYGEL was still being sold on Ikea’s website so I bought that cart faster than you could believe.

Fast forward about a week or two, when the glorious cart was delivered to my Fort Worth doorstep by the Swedish Gods themselves (read: Ikea). Now came the DIY part. As you’ll notice in Ikea’s picture of the cart, the metal is gold. For someone who strictly decorates with gold, this was not going to fly. I got my handy dandy gold spray paint and got to work. Like the idiot I am, I decide to spray paint all of the silver parts gold, before putting it together. This caused me to end up with awkward silver screws and unnecessary uses of paint in the end. I would suggest putting together the cart (minus the white trays/drawer) and then spray painting it.

For something Ikea-made, this cart was relatively easy to put together. The only thing you need that isn’t provided is a Philips Head Screwdriver, which is your most basic screwdriver. Another great thing about this cart is the drawer. It’s perfect for putting in unsightly tools, extra shot glasses, extra straws, etc.

One of my favorite goodies I scored for the cart was this adorable gold Pineapple Tumbler from UncommonGoods. First of all, it’s a pineapple. Need I say more? Well, I will. It could be used as a straw holder, a candy dish, and obviously, a tumbler. Right now I’m simply using it as a decorative piece, but I might switch it up eventually. For those of you married folks celebrating anniversaries or birthdays this summer, this would make a fab anniversary gift. Isn’t there a golden pineapple year?? UncommonGoods has gotcha covered. (And they’re super environmentally friendly too- bonus!)

Top Shelf:
‘LMAO’ Cocktail Napkins
Glitter Champagne Flutes
Pineapple Towel
Artwork (frames were painted)
Shitty, cheap alcohol (please donate to our alcohol collection)

Middle Shelf:
Agate Coasters
La Croix Sparkling Water

Can we pause and just look at these beautiful coasters for a second? UncommonGoods has done it again.

Bottom Shelf:
Palm Leaf Dish
Silver Bar set was donated by my lovely brother!
Mason Jar Shot Glasses (similar)

The cart is certainly still a work in progress but it’s coming together nicely, I’d say! We obviously need to amp up our alcohol selection and chasers… but that’s an easy fix. I’m so excited to share more photos of the house as it comes together- keep an eye out! Have a lovely weekend, friends!



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