June Rewind

O. M. G. How the hell is it already July? When I was younger I always saw July as the halfway point of Summer, but as a college student, Summer starts a little earlier, in May. Clearly, we're just flying through Summer. June was a little more eventful than May, so I figured I'd give a little insight into my month!

First of all, it was my birthday month! I turned 21 on June 1st and it was certainly a monumental birthday! It's weird to be able to order a margarita anywhere I want... even if I do get questioned occasionally for not looking my age... Ya win some ya lose some. I still need to make some fun, boozy popsicles! If you know any fabulous recipes, link them below!

Just a couple of days after my birthday, my parents and I packed up my car and a big ole' UHAUL and headed down south, back to Fort Worth. Not wanting to drive 9ish hours straight (especially with my dad not having cruise control in the UHAUL), we made it a two-day trip, driving from Kansas City to Oklahoma City one day, and Oklahoma City to Fort Worth the next. In OKC, we got a delicious dinner at Bricktown Brewery while watching the Frogs battle it out baseball-style on TV. I think my dad was a little excited I can legally drink now, because he was insistent on heading to a different bar for another drink. We found cute, little JJ's Alley, which is literally an alley converted into an indoor bar in the Bricktown district of OKC. There was live music, good drinks and kitschy decor everywhere.

Trust me, it's fuller than it looks.

My right-hand men helped us move in
Moving in was quite the tedious process. Luckily, I had my parents there to help me with anything and everything. Shoutout to my dad for doing lots of heavy lifting, Ikea-building and ACE Hardware-runs. Shoutout to my mom for fabulously organizing my entire kitchen and lining each and every shelf. My kitchen would be a wreck without you! Also big shoutout to the guys pictured above! My best guy friends came over to help my dad with the heavy lifting, maintenance, and even cut a necessary hole in a cabinet, all while making fun of my white/gold obsession! Thanks boys!

Once my parents bid adieu, I found myself having to adult for the first time. Let me tell you one thing: grocery shopping for an actual kitchen is so. weird. You don't think about all of the spices and oils and kitchen staples you need when stocking your kitchen.

After a week of decorating and unpacking, I finally got to the grindstone and got myself a job. That's right, I'm a big girl now. It may not have been the summer job I had in mind, but I sure am glad it turned out like it did. I'm working at a new restaurant in the happenin' area of Fort Worth as a hostess. This job has already tested me, taught me, and entertained me, but I love it. I think I might start a series about this particular subject just because there's always something new happening.

The last excitement of June included travelling up to good ole' Beloit, Wisconsin for my cousin Ashley's wedding. This side of my family is the 'wild side,' so naturally it was quite eventful. We got a couple of days to visit my grandpa and show my brother's girlfriend the beautiful Milwaukee, WI.

If you haven't tried Spotted Cow, you're missing out.

Friday Night Fish Fry is my favorite Wisconsin tradition
The wedding was beautiful, but the reception was even better. Who would have thought that a small town in Wisconsin would have such a beautiful winery? It was stunning. It was so fun to eat, drink and dance with my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandpa. Family time is the best time!

This post may be about a week too late but I didn't want to miss out on catching y'all up with my not-so-eventful life! June was great but July is off to an even better start! I'm really really trying to post more but work has got me exhausted. I'll try my best, y'all! Have an absolutely lovely July!

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