Why I'm Rebranding My Blog + How I'm Doing It

If you've been here before, you'll notice the blog looks a little different. The logo has changed, the colors have changed (slightly) and you might just see a little more personality come out. You know what that means: rebranding. If you're a blogger you've probably done this more than a few times. If you're not, I'll do my best to explain it. Basically, it's changing the look/feel/aesthetic of your "brand," which in my case, is my blog. It can be something little like changing colors, to something huge like changing your blogging niche. The latter is a much bigger time commitment that I'm definitely not doing at the moment.

Why I'm Rebranding My Blog + How I'm Doing It

So, why am I doing this? Well, if you scroll down to my previous blog post (go ahead, I'll wait here..), you'll see that it was posted on October 19th. That's quite the gap between this post and the last. I've made excuses such as being busy with school and my internship and my social life... but to be honest, I just wasn't feeling motivated. I'd open my blog and sit there... and then nothing. I didn't feel like putting in the work and I didn't know why. Finally, I started to ease myself into it. I logged back into my blog's twitter account and began reading other bloggers' tweets. Then I started tweeting myself. Then I got back on Bloglovin' and got back to reading blogs (something that had totally made me discouraged before, because they were doing amazing and I was not). Then I started reading 'blog help' pins on Pinterest. I was finally feeling a little inspired. But for some reason, I still could not get my fingers moving enough to actually write something.

As I browsed my own blog, I realized that my own blog had uninspired me. I just wasn't feeling what my blog looked like, or the vibe it was giving off. So, I decided to rebrand. I felt like my blog hadn't really changed its aesthetic since I'd started it more than two years ago. It was still a young, college freshman, while I had moved on to an upperclassman college student, thinking about the real world. I also wanted to change the voice of my blog. I felt like at some point, I had become part of a blogger mold. I was trying to be like 'other blogs' and had strayed away from who I really am. I'm a vulgar, cussing, middle-finger using lady who doesn't really give a damn if I am your 'typical blogger.' So I decided I need to really be myself, rather than being a blogger.

1. The first thing I did was really decide on my brand style. Before, I had kind of just decided on what looked good and threw it together, without really caring if it was cohesive. Now, I've realized how much better it looks who a brand/blog is cohesive. I first started a secret Pinterest mood board to figure out what look I was really going with for the rebranding. Here's a taste of some of the pins I curated.

Why I'm Rebranding My Blog + How I'm Doing It

Clearly, blush and black/grey were a big inspiration, but also some 90's movies, alcohol and fashion.

2. Once I had a pretty good board, I pulled colors out of it and created my style guide. I made sure to make note of the HTML color codes so I could use the exact colors over and over. I then decided on fonts I liked together. This took more time than you'd expect- there are so many damn fonts out there!!

3. Finally, I wanted to redo my logo. This probably took the most time because I am no graphic designer. My old logo was designed by someone else and the one that I had before that was poorly thrown together in Picmonkey. I wanted the new one to look professional and beautiful, as well as matching my aesthetic. I couldn't find any freebies online that I liked and finally threw in the towel and decided to make one myself. First, I tried only using Canva. I didn't like what I did, so finally I decided to use a free trial version of Photoshop (I'm cheap okay?!!??!). Now, keep in mind my only experience with Photoshop was one high school class where my teacher basically made us teach ourselves: aka I knew nothing. Thankfully, my brother happens to be a photographer and was super helpful in teaching me a few things. I'm really happy with the end result!

Here's my final blog style guide, which I made with Canva. I splurged for the 'Canva for Work' and already love it. I allows me to save my 'brand colors' and 'brand fonts' so everytime I make something in Canva, I don't have to search for colors and fonts.
Why I'm Rebranding My Blog + How I'm Doing It
So here I am, blogging again. I've faced the music and realized I shouldn't set expectations too high for how much I'll be blogging or how consistent I'll be, but I'm already feeling more inspired. It also feels really good to finish this blog post, and feel happy about it. I'm going to give myself a nice little pat on the back.

The next step in this process is obviously, blogging as much as I can and coming up with new + fresh ideas. I also really want to go back into old posts and make them prettier and possibly edit the content. The final steps are setting up an email list and monetizing the hell out of this ish! Wish me luck babes.

As always, follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and Instagram to follow along with my random adventures. And thank you, to those that have stayed followers throughout my multiple droughts, y'all rock.

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  1. I'm also going through a rebrand. It's fun and refocuses you where you want to be. As we evolve, so should our brand.