A Kansas City Staycation

Happy New Year friends! Can I just say how glad I am that 2016 is over?! T-God.
This year, my dad had the grand idea of doing a vacation instead of showering each other with Christmas presents, most of which we don't need anyway. Unfortunately, this plan fell short when my dad checked the flight prices to places we were interested in. Instead, we opted for a simpler plan: a staycation. My brother's girlfriend (who's from New York) would be in town so it would not only be fun for us to explore our own city, but also fun to show her a new city! We booked a couple rooms in the brand new Residence Inn in downtown Kansas City and packed our bags.

We arrived downtown around 4pm and after exploring the hotel for a little, we decided to rest up a little bit before dinner. Once we were all rested and cheery, we took the new streetcar to The Rieger. We actually were hoping to get into Manifesto, the secret little speakeasy located in the basement, but it was completely full, so we settled for a drink at The Rieger. I got this cute little drink called the 'Fatboy Sling,' which was basically a carbonated cocktail with rose in it. They even bottle it themselves!

Once we were finished with our drinks, we took the streetcar to Union Station, one of my favorite spots in KC. This grand monument has seen its fair share of history, but I also have many many memories as a kid playing here. We had reservations at one of the restaurants in Union Station, Pierpont's. We started the dinner with some crab cakes, along with two different selections of pinot noir, then for the main course I enjoyed a delicious broiled salmon that was paired with red rice and brussels sprouts (my favorite!!). It was absolutely yummy.

After stuffing our bellies, we explored Union Station a little bit more, showing my brother's girlfriend the model trains and the bits of history here and there. We boarded the streetcar once again and headed down to Tom's Town, a bar/restaurant, but more importantly: a distillery.

This cute little spot looks like it hopped right outta Great Gatsby. It was absolutely gorgeous, and my drink, the Cider Slice wasn't half bad either! Tom's Town concluded day one's activities and I think I can confidently say we all slept pretty damn well.

Day two was all about the Frogs. The big day started out with watching TCU vs. Georgia in the Liberty Bowl. I cheered on the Frogs with some fellow TCU students at Johnny's Tavern in the Power & Light District in downtown KC. Bloody Mary's and beer made the loss just a liiiiiiiitttle bit less painful.

After the game, I met my parents on the Plaza to do some shopping, which eventually led to drinks at O'Dowd's, then we headed to Tom Fooleries to watch the TCU vs. KU basketball game. This was a big game for us because my brother and mom both went to KU, so the house was certainly divided. We watched the first half there and then headed to Houston's for the second half. It was another tough loss for the Frogs, but the filet and mashed potatoes that followed the game made me forget all about it (almost).  After another booze-filled night, we all passed out in the hotel rooms pretty quickly.

Day three began with breakfast at the quirky Succotash where I enjoyed a vanilla latte and a breakfast sandwich. The place was packed and for good reason!

After getting ready for the day, we headed to our main event for the day: the Boulevard Brewery. If you're looking for some good [free] beer in KC, this is the spot.

The tour is free (and interesting!)  but the most important part is that they start the tour off with a free beer sample and then you finish the tour with two. And if you haven't had a Boulevard brew yet: they're tasty. After, this we were pretty beat (and very full) so we went back to the hotel to rest and save up our energy for the night.

After the brewery, we drove around a little bit, checking out spots like the Jazz District before trading in the car for the streetcar. We headed to Rivermarket which is.... well exactly what it sounds like. It's a market next to the river (the Missouri River to be exact). During the summer this place is hoppin', especially during its farmer's market every Saturday and Sunday. We ended up eating at one of the many small restaurants in the market. I got a great sandwich with a side of slaw. Yum-O!

Before heading to dinner, we gathered for a little champagne toast in the hotel room. After the bubbly was drank, we went to a late dinner at The Bristol, an amazing seafood restaurant. I got the scallops, along with brussels sprouts and potatoes and it was delish. For the evening festivities, I had previously bought a ticket to a huge NYE party in Kansas City at the Power & Light District. I met up with a couple friends from TCU and we certainly had a blast. Needless to say, I had quite the hangover the next day.

The next morning we headed back home, but I had an absolute blast staycationing in my fun-filled city. It really made me want to explore more, especially since I'm not home as often anymore. I would highly suggest a staycation for anyone looking for a [slightly] more affordable vacation than jetting off somewhere.

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