Love Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Surprise surprise y'all... it's basically Valentine's Day. I wanted to do a special type of post this year for one of my favorite holidays. I did a little brainstormin' and realized I know so many people in amazing relationships and I wanted to showcase them. So, I emailed a handful of friends and family asking for the story of how they and their S.O. met and chose some of my favorites to share with y'all to remind you that there is hope. Hope y'all enjoy!

I'll start the stories out with one of my favorites... my grandparents. These two still act like teenagers in love and that's something that everyone can admire. (Note: I call them Grammy and Poppie, hence the nicknames in the story..)

"Prelude —  Poppie moved to Wichita the day after his graduation from high school. Probably not a happy camper. His parents bought a house where they soon met your mother’s godparents, who lived down the street, and became good friends. They had a son who was a friend of your Great Uncle Warner (my brother) and were friends of Warner's girlfriend’s parents. This new boy in town (Poppie) sounded very cool to all the girls.

Poppie had a track scholarship to KU, he pledged Phi Psi and Warner was his pledge father. My dear brother introduced him to girls for dates and one was a classmate of mine. Thank you Big Brother! They dated until I came along!  It was spring break, March 1953. There was a dinner party, and after dinner we (Warner & Julie & Tom & Kate) went to a night club. I thought Kirkwood High had a strange style of dancing, but he was the talk of the town and pretty cute (and nice). 
Then he invited me to the Phi Psi spring dance, I stayed with Julie in the Theta house (!) and I was sold (on Theta). When Poppie came home for the summer we were together almost every evening and that was that forever more! And the flowers burst into bloom, the birds singing and winding garlands in the trees, the Prince kissed Sleeping Beauty, the Prince found Cinderella and the shoe fit.
And you know what they say — if the shoe fits, wear it!?"

It's only fitting the next story is my own parents. Another love story you can't help but smile at. The story started many years ago on this very day!

"I was working in the advertising department at Cessna Aircraft at the time and your mom was working at a small advertising design studio. Her firm did a fair amount of work for Cessna and Susan would often bring the work to Cessna for review — this was LONG before the days of email, electronic files, pdfs, etc. I was attracted to your mom from the start because of her easy going smile, her patience with me when I gave feedback on her firm’s designs and because she was fascinated by my northern heritage and how I pronounced certain words (not incorrect, mind you, just differently). 

After several “asks” your mom finally agreed to go out to dinner with me — only to cancel the day of because her boyfriend from law school unexpectedly came home for the weekend. I knew about the boyfriend but I felt a connection with your mom and I wasn’t going to give up. And, after three tries, we finally had our first date — it was on Friday, February 13th, my lucky day. After drinks and dinner at a favorite little restaurant, we went back to Susan’s apartment for cheap wine and music. We spent hours listening to her vinyl and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her better through her music. Needless to say, we had a great evening.

The next day, Valentine’s Day, I did the somewhat traditional thing and sent Susan a dozen red roses. The boyfriend did not. Big mistake on his part (he didn’t know his competition!).  Now, after almost 34 years of marriage, two great kids and a lot of laughs together, both February 13th & 14th are special days to us." 

And for the third generation of love stories: my dear brother and his amazing girlfriend. A true modern romance if I do say so myself.

"I think we can both agree that meeting people in New York is difficult. Soon after moving to Brooklyn I turned to Tinder a little more seriously than I had in the past and came across Victoria's profile. We both swiped right and met at a bar a few weeks later. The next day we ran into each other at a Trader Joe's in Manhattan. If that's not fate I don't know what is. I'll be celebrating two years with my Tinderella next month."

I've known Kaitlyn since we were forced to wear pink sequin costumes together in dance class at age 8. Since then I've witnessed her grow up into an amazing woman and even better, witnessed her entire relationship with Cole. I remember her gushing about him asking her out back when we were just barely in high school and now she and Cole are getting married!

"Cole and I met during our sophomore year of high school in an Ethics class. We had mutual friends, but first met in class together. We started dating a few months after we met. Cole took me out to dinner at his favorite Italian restaurant. When we came back from dinner he asked me to go on a walk. Little did I know that he had secret plans for when we were on our walk. He had talked to my mom and sister and asked them to chalk our driveway for when we got back to my house from our walk. When we got back I found a flashlight on my driveway (it was dark outside) and there was a list of the 7 things he loved most about me. He read the list to me and then asked me to be his girlfriend. He had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me and I gladly said yes! Cole and I are happier than ever almost 6 years later. We are getting married in 4 months and he continues to sweep me off my feet each and every day. He is definitely unique within today's generation! God could not have blessed me with a more amazing man. I cannot wait to be his wife!!"

As one of my first friends at TCU, it makes my heart so happy to see Mark with someone perfect for him. Mark and Maisen are simply two peas in a pod.

"Although we’ve only know each other since the end of August, my girlfriend Maisen and I have grown very close over the last couple months. Since this is our first Valentine’s day together, I’ll have to share the story of how we met instead – it’s a pretty funny story. We joke around with friends that we met at a bar on a Tuesday night, but there’s a little more to it than that. On top of being one of my best friends and my girlfriend, Maisen is also my brother – we’re both members of Delta Sigma Pi, the professional fraternity at TCU. Last year, I was involved in the recruitment process for our new members and decided to reach out to people who had signed up to get to know some actives in a more personal setting. I had never met Maisen and picked her name off a sign-up sheet because her oddly spelt name caught my eye. Once we met that night, we couldn’t stop talking and our connection was obvious!  From there, we took every opportunity to spend time together. Now, we own four chickens together and we foster dogs while finding them a good home. We are both so lucky to have found each other."

Janie and Alex are practically everyone's #relationshipgoals at TCU. These two are the epitome of God's love in the flesh. (This story is by far the longest but definitely worth it. Tip: have tissues ready)

"So it all started freshman year of college at TCU....

There was this guy that I instantly knew would be my best guy friend for the rest of my life. His name was Alex Caroom, but to me he was “Caroom” – yes, I called him by his last name, I think it made it seem more like we were friends if I called him what all his guy friends called him. So Caroom was my best, best, best guy friend and that’s all I really knew him as. Apparently, so I’ve been told, I accidentally, instantly friend zoned him in the nicest way possible. 

Early on freshman year, he had tickets to an upcoming concert; and one day I received a text from him asking me to go to this concert with him. I looked at my best girl friend and said out loud “how weird... Caroom just asked me to go on a date with him to a concert?!” Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the real meaning behind him asking me and had to politely decline his offer because I had my first college exam the morning after the concert. Fast forward a couple of months, Caroom and I played on various intramural teams together and boy did we have some funny stories from these games: I asked him if he would be my friend’s date to a mixer, he almost broke his ankle twice and he only called me “champ...” So after one of our basketball games, he was bragging about how incredible he was at ping-pong; so naturally I challenged him to a game. About 20 ping-pong games later, I finally beat him.... when he was playing with his left hand...but that’s beside the point. 

Well one day we were playing ping-pong after class and he said if he could beat me 10 times before I could beat him 5 times, then I had to let him take me on a date. Of course I just laughed and accepted the challenge. I had nothing to lose! A dinner date with my best friend would be so fun and casual, I didn’t think twice about it. Well naturally I won!!!! Kidding... he won. So we planned to go on a “date” Saturday night and we thought nothing else of it. Until that Friday rolled around when we were both in the same morning class, we quickly realized the next day was not only Saturday, which was not only the day of our date, but it was also Valentine’s Day.... Well thankfully neither of us had prior plans so we were absolutely still on for our dinner. If you can’t spend Valentines Day with your significant other, might as well spend it with your best friend, right?

So we go to dinner at the infamous Woodshed and naturally have the time of our lives - great conversations, great music, great food, and wonderful company. After that we went for a walk alongside the Trinity River and then all of the sudden he snags my hand, tells me he has a surprise for me, and we take off running to his car. After driving around for a little while, we park in a quiet, quaint neighborhood and begin to explore. Next thing I know, we are sitting high above the ground looking out at a perfect view of the beautiful Fort Worth skyline lit up and shining bright in the beautiful, Texas starry night sky. 

After spending hours talking and staring at the stunning sight all around us, Caroom puts his arm around me. And from that moment on, the rest is history. He looks at me and says he has something really important he needs to tell me. He looks at me and begins to confess his feelings for me. And he will never let me forget what I did next. I laughed out loud and said, “Shut up!” WHO SAYS THAT IN A MOMENT LIKE THIS???? After apologizing over and over and over again, I began to tell him how shocked I was that he just told me that. “Caroom just told me he liked me” was on repeat in my mind and I just began to nervously blab for probably half an hour about who knows what. After moving on from that conversation (thankfully!!) our night continued on. And man oh man, this is a night I will never forget. After an innocent hug goodnight, my first date, full of adventure and life-lasting memories with Caroom, sadly came to an end. 

Shortly after that night, he was promoted from Caroom to Alex, and I was upgraded from champ to sweetheart.

I can proudly, joyfully, thankfully, and lovingly say we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this upcoming Valentines Day. And let me tell ya, the adventures, laughter, and love only grows stronger every single day."

If your heart didn't flutter reading any one of these stories... well you've got bigger problems. How amazing is the world that it can bring two people so perfect for each other together?!

As for me? Well, I have my own story in the works but that's a story for another day. I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day, single or not! What are you doing for V-Day? Comment below and let me know what you have planned!

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