Trying That Healthy Lifestyle Thing

Look everyone! It’s me! I’m back!!

With a little friendly scolding from my father over Easter weekend about not posting recently (that’s right Dad, I’m calling you out to the entire internet) and a need for a new procrastination outlet (double whammy there, Dad), I’ve decided to come out of hiatus, at least for now.

So what’s new with me? Well, I’ve decided to be one of those girls that sells fit tea on Instagram.

No I’m totally kidding.

I am, however, trying this whole “fit” thing recently. That’s right guys, I actually wear my yoga pants to the gym now! *gasps from the entire internet* I’m even… wait for it…. eating healthier. *more gasps that can be heard from space* That’s right folks, I’m taking healthy to a whole new level. So, let me tell you more.

Kayla Itsines BBG Workout | Seeking the South

I decided about a week ago that I was going to start the Kayla Itsines workout plan. This idea stemmed from spending far too much time browsing the #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress hashtags on Instagram. If you haven’t done it yet, go check them out because they’re incredible. There are women that have not only lost so much weight, but gained so much muscle by doing the bbg workout (that stands for bikini body guide, by the way). I was hella inspired. I didn’t (err, don’t) consider myself “fat” by any means, but have I gained weight in college? Yes. Have I lost muscle since I stopped competitive dance? Absolutely. Would I like to be more toned? 100% yes. With all that being said, I decided to get off my ass and do something about it.

Rewind to the first time I did bbg, I was with two of my best friends, both of whom had done it before. It was leg day and from the way they were hyping it up, they assured me I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. I was nervous.

For those of you who haven’t tried bbg yet, it works like this: you do one circuit (4 different exercises) for 7 minutes, then you do a second circuit (4 other exercises) for 7 minutes, then you repeat. In total, you’re doing 28 minutes of hardcore exercises.

Let’s just say that after those first 7 minutes I was dying. My heart was pounding and my legs were getting jello-y. But thanks to my badass friends, they pushed me to finish the entire 28-minute workout.

By the way, they were right. It was near impossible to walk the next day. And this really turned me off of the exercise plan. Did I really want to be this sore every day? I wouldn’t be able to do anything. So, I didn’t do bbg for two weeks. But then I looked at those hashtags, and quite honestly I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t going to get fit by doing my lame-ass elliptical and ab workout. I needed structure. And that’s when I did it. Last Tuesday (April 18th) I really started Kayla Itsines BBG workout. The way a week looks is you do three bbg workouts a week (every other day) and two days of light cardio in between. Then, one day is purely for stretching (yoga, or otherwise), and the last day is a rest day. Because of the way my schedule works, Monday’s are insane, so I decided that would be my rest day (workout-wise). This means that I do bbg on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s and cardio on Wednesday’s, Friday’s, leaving the stretching for Sunday’s.

I’ve been keeping notes in my phone on my weight (I only weigh-in on Tuesdays for mental stability), how hard the exercises are (in hopes that they get easier….) and when I have to skip a day (like when I had to spend two hours at the Apple Store last Friday!).

The weird thing is, I’ve never been more excited to go to the gym. I get excited to be dripping in sweat by the end of my workout. I look forward to being sore (as much as it sucks) because I know it means I’m getting stronger. I get sad when I can’t workout.

And like I said at the top of this monstrosity of a blog post, I’ve been eating healthier, too. I’m loving zucchini noodles (aka zoodles) and get to continue my love affair with brussels sprouts.

Hopefully, eventually I’ll be posting more about my workout progress and healthy lifestyle, but with finals coming up realllllll quick (yikes) and my upcoming trip to Europe (yay!), I won’t likely be posting much. However, I do want to hear from you.

Have you tried BBG? What did you think? What are your favorite healthy meals? What’s your fitsgram?

I’d love any and all feedback so please comment below!



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