Nordstrom Sale Picks (If I Had Money To Blow)

Okay fellow bloggers, prepare to roll your eyes. Another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post!! If you’re in the blogger world, you know the current ~dramaaaa~ is that everyone & their mothers are posting about the N-Sale. Why? Because Nordstrom is the shit. That’s why. But on the real, I had zero intentions of posting anything about the N-Sale until I was hungover in bed, browsing the internet.

A thought popped into my head: “I wonder if there is any good shit in the Nordstrom Sale.” Probably a pretty dangerous thought for anyone, but considering I have very little disposable income, I knew it couldn’t hurt to look right????? Right.

Nordstrom Sale Picks If I Had Money To Blow

I’m gonna be honest some of the sale is freaking ridiculous. No, I will not pay $250+ for some tassel earrings I could easily buy at Target from their Sugarfix collection. Maybe I’m just super cheap. Whatever. That’s just me. However, I found some goodies that didn’t make me want to throw up when I saw the price so that’s what I’ll be sharing with you fabulous folks.

Oh- it’s important to mention that I shuttered a little bit when I saw all of the fall/winter stuff in the sale. Maybe it’s because it was at least 100° here in Texas today and I can’t even fathom putting a sweater on my body, or maybe because fall clothing means school and actually studying… I don’t know. Either way, I subconsciously avoided the fall clothing so that’s why you won’t see much of any of that below. Just a warning for you sweater-collectors. (But like, if you’re actually a sweater collector that’s super unique and cool so keep doin’ your thang.)

Before I get to the goods, I should probably explain the N-Sale to those who live under a rock. The early-access to the sale began on the 13th, so you’re already behind. Early-access is only open to Nordstrom card holders aka VIPs in Nordstrom’s eyes. Access to us peasants begins the 21st and the sale runs until August 6th (because Nordstrom rules the world and can do what they want).

Ok, on to the good shit.

Nordstrom Sale Picks If I Had Money To Blow

1. Scented Candle Set by Diptyque
For those of you that religiously follow bloggers or influencers on Instagram, chances are, you’ve probably seen Diptyque candles before. Whether they were actually used as candles or they’d been, used, cleaned and used as makeup brush holders or mini flower vases, they look stylish nonetheless. What I love about this set is that it’s $20 off, but more so, that it would be so incredibly easy to snag one (or two) of these candles for yourself and gift the others (it’s never too early to start thinking Christmas presents, y’all). I was curious and did some research and found that a set of three of these bad boys was a whopping $100. That’s right. $100 for three. This one is 5 for $75. That’s a freakin’ deal.

2. ‘Sherpa – Lines’ Wool Rug by Surya Home
Another blogger favorite is this beautiful rug. You might have seen it in numerous Instagrams, or blog posts. Either way, this rug would look fabulous in any home. If I were to buy this, it would immediately go in our living room because we’ve been lacking a rug the whole time we’ve lived here (lol).

3. Champagne For Days Canvas Print by Oliver Gal
Seriously how awesome is this canvas? I found it when I was browsing the sale and fell in love. This would look amazeeeee in my (unfinished) gallery wall or even above a bar cart. Oliver Gal had some other pieces that were also adorable!

4. Crescent Hoop Earrings by Madewell
First of all, how cool is it that you can buy Madewell and J.Crew at Nordstrom now? It’s so easy having all the best stuff under one roof (or website..). I actually own these earrings already and absolutely love them. They’re a great addition to an outfit for work or for finishing off a perfect going-out outfit. I’m loving hoops this summer and these are the perfect pair if you don’t want to be too flashy!

5. Modern Tweed Miniskirt by Milly
Okay, I am obsessed with this one. As the most expensive item on the list, I was hesitant to share it, but it’s too cute not to. Does it remind anyone else of Tyra Banks in Life Size? (Great movie by the way.) Or a little more iconic: Coco Chanel? Either way, this mini would be so perfect for work.

6. Copper Finish Wine Rack by Thirstystone
How freakin’ cute is this wine rack? This would look perfeccttttt on the bottom of a bar cart or even on just a kitchen counter. Obviously, mine wine would probably be cheaper combined than the cost of this wine rack, but wine is wine, right?

7. Small Love Velvet Crossbody Bag by Rebecca Minkoff
I’m not usually one for a bold-statement bag. I got a Rebecca Minkoff as a graduation present from high school and I literally have used it every day for three years now. (It’s not sold anymore, but here’s a similar one). I like basic colors. But when I saw this pink crossbody, I rethought my bag preferences. The fact that I know Rebecca Minkoff’s bags are amazing quality made me love it even more. If you’re wanting a statement bag, this is the one for you.

8. Genuine Tibetan Shearling Pillow by Mina Victory
This pillow would look so fab on my bed, I’m just sayin’. Maybe it would be a good thing to snuggle with when I miss my cat (aka every day).

9. ‘Laurel’ Peep Toe Bootie by Kristin Cavallari 
Remember the days when Kristin was just a girl on Laguna Beach? Now she makes badass shoes including these sexy booties. I feel like these could totally be rocked in any season, making them the perfect shoes to invest in. They also come in blush (well, it’s called nude but I think it looks like blush)!

10. The Icons Home & Away Collection by Mario Badescu
I was so excited to see that there was some Mario Badescu in the sale!! I talked a lot about both of these products in my June Obsessions post and this collection makes it so easy to buy my two favorites in both regular and travel sizes! This one is a must-buy.

11. I Did My Best Large 17-Month Planner by
It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with planning and organizing. This planner by is too perfect. If I hadn’t literally just bought this planner from Target last week (which, by the way, I’m unnecessarily excited to work on) I would’ve bought this one.

12. The Prince 59mm Mirrored Rimless Aviator Sunglasses by Le Specs
I’m a huge sunglasses junkie. I have four pairs in my car at all times and 4 more in my bedroom for special occasions. I have a pair similar to these, but they’re super cheap and fall off my face all the time. I love the mirrored look and the gold makes them ten times better!

13. Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase by Iluminage
My favorite blogger, Lauryn, at The Skinny Confidential talks about how much she loves sleeping on a silk pillowcase, and I’m interested if this pillowcase does the same trick. For $50 it better permanently fix my damn skin!

14. Astro Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser by Serene House
Well damnit, Nordstrom. They sold out of the diffuser I was originally going to put in this post, but luckily they have another one on sale! I’ve never been an essential oil girl before, but after reading a lot about it, I caved and bought some cheap essential oils at TJ Maxx (aka the best place on earth, right after Target). One of my coworkers has a diffuser at her desk and I loveee walking by and getting a deep inhale of her yummy essential oils so I think I may be buying a diffuser in the near future!

15. Gym & Tonic Graphic Tee by Sub_Urban Riot
So I actually have a tank from TJ Maxx (like I said above, TJ Maxx is bae) that says Gym & Tonic and it’s one of my favorites (I mean, who doesn’t love a good alcohol pun?!). When I found this tee in the sale I knew I had to include it.

16. Mini MAC Velvet Convertible Crossbody Bag by Rebecca Minkoff
Like I said above (#7) , I looooveee Rebecca Minkoff. This bag is basically the same bag I use daily, but instead of leather, it’s velvet. Velvet is definitely in right now and this bag would be sooo perfect for fall/winter. Think: NYE.

17. Dry Tempo Running Shorts by Nike
If you’re in college, you most likely already own at least two pairs of these shorts. I think I might own seven…? If you’re about to start college, you need these shorts. In the south, the every day college attire for girls is usually an XL tee shirt and these shorts. I was so excited they were in the sale because they’re such a college staple!

Maybe I’ll buy one or two of these (probably the Nike shorts TBH), but like I said at the top, I don’t exactly have money to blow. A girl can dream though, right?!

Nordstrom Sale Picks If I Had Money To Blow

What are your N-Sale picks?! I’m actually very curious. What have you bought/what do you plan on buying?! Comment below and let me know! As always, follow me on Twitter, Instagram,FacebookBloglovin’ and Pinterest, cheers bitches 🙂



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