What I'm Loving Right Now

Today I thought I'd share a quick post about what I'm loving right now! These are all so random and loved for different reasons, but just like I would share this stuff with my BFFs, I wanted to share it with y'all!

What I'm Loving Right Now

one// traceless hair elastics: I was at Ulta recently to get my brows waxed (PSA the Benefit counter at Ulta does an amazing job at taming the brows) so naturally I had to wander around the store. Ulta is like my second kryptonite (right after Target, of course) because I always find too much stuff I "need." I ended up seeing these hair ties (aka elastics aka ponytail holders, will we ever agree on the true name?!) and I've been wanting to try them for a while, so I thought, why not, and threw them in my basket. I'm so glad I did. They kept my hair in a messy bun for almost 24 hours straight, which is a feat in itself. They also aren't too tight when I wear them on my wrist which was a huge bonus. The only issue was that my hair got a little tangled in them when I took them out, so if you have wild, curly hair, I would stray away.

two// amazon firestick: if you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm obsessed with my Amazon Firestick. It was a Christmas gift from my brother and it has truly changed the game. Before the Firestick, my house here in Fort Worth was using an old Apple TV (like, 1st generation Apple TV) that was on its last life. Watching anything on it was a pain because it would always lag or even restart in the middle of something, so we would usually avoid watching anything on it (which I guess, when you think about it, is a good thing but whatever). But now with the Firestick, we can watch Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, you name it, without any issues whatsoever! (You pay for the subscriptions and/or cable provider separately) One of my favorite features is the ability to play Spotify directly through the TV, without having to deal with a Bluetooth speaker or anything! It's so easy!

three// caffeine-free tea: I've always heard of the benefits of tea, especially mint tea, from one of my favorites, Lauryn Evarts, but I've never been a tea gal... until now. I bit the bullet and bought a variety pack of caffeine-free tea from Target on one of my grocery trips and now I'm drinking tea almost every night! I love the mint one, but I recently tried the lemon zinger flavor and it's so yummy!

four// bluetooth headphones: another Christmas gift, this time from my parents! I am so in love with these headphones. I've always been an Apple headphones kinda girl. You know, the ones that literally come with your iPhone? I'd tried bigger headphones like these before and didn't like the way they felt. What I didn't realize was that it's because I was trying the wrong kind. I had always tried on on-ear headphones instead of over-the-ear headphones. The difference is astounding. I can wear these headphones for hours without any discomfort. They're super noise-canceling that someone can be talking in my face and I could have no idea (super great way to ignore people!!). Don't worry, the sound quality is amazing, obviously. I could go on all day about these bad boys, so if you're interested in knowing more, shoot me a comment below and I'll tell ya everything you need to know!

five// l'oreal voluminous base + benefit rollerlash mascara: I (currently) refuse to get lash extensions. I know it's all the rage right now, but for the cost and upkeep required to keep them looking good, I'd rather just spend a few minutes using mascara every day... My favorite technique right now starts with a lash curler, then I apply this L'Oreal Voluminous Base. It comes out white, then dries slowly to clear. I wait about 30 seconds after applying the base, then I go through with the Benefit Rollerlash Mascara and do a couple layers, making sure to get the tips of my lashes to make them look even longer.

I love writing little posts like these! Hopefully I'll have more in the future. I have a few exciting posts planned, and I'm still on track with my blogging goal I mentioned in this post! Whoohoo! In the meantime, head over to Instagram and follow me here!

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