How I Save Money On Almost All The Clothes I Buy

After constantly bragging to my mom about how much money I was saving using numerous apps, chrome extensions and websites, I realized I needed to share my knowledge with the world. Originally, I thought I’d throw it all in one post and call it a day, but once I began writing, I realized I had a lot to say. So I’ll be dividing these up in a few posts, to make them more digestible (no one likes a huge novel of a blog post). With Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up, I figured I’d start with the obvious: clothes. But have no fear, most of these tricks will help you save on everything on your shopping list, not just the clothing!

(Disclaimer- Some of the links in this post earn me money/points when you join, but I am not sponsored by any of them!)


Best for: high-priced clothing and furniture

Shoptagr is one of my favorite best-kept secrets, so I obviously had to share it first. Picture this: you see a very nice, expensive coat every season, but refuse to pay full price for it. And then to make it worse, when it goes on sale, your size is already sold out by the time you check on it. Imagine an app that alerts you when the price drops so you can grab it before the rest of the world. Well ladies and gents, that’s exactly what Shoptagr does. It’s so simple, too! First, you need to add the chrome extension to your browser. Then, you simply go to the page where that coat is and click the extension button. There it will give you the option to choose what size and color you want to keep your eye on, and if you want notifications for a certain % off, or any price change. Finally, it will send you an email (or a notification if you have the app) within hours of that item going on sale! You can use this trick for basically anything on the internet, so it’s definitely not limited to clothing and furniture! I seriously loved this trick when I was buying stuff for my new apartment. Since I was totally on my own with the purchases, but I still wanted my apartment to look nice, I would add it to my Shoptagr and buy once the price dropped! I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved with this!

Target Red Card/Cartwheel

Best for: Target

I mentioned my love for Red Card in this post years ago, but I’m still 100% obsessed with Red Card. They’ve made it even easier since I discovered it: all you need is the Cartwheel app. Through the app you can scan the barcodes of everything in your cart to check for deals, browse what deals are being offered, and even online shop easily from your couch (with a glass of wine in hand, obvi). Now, you can connect your Red Card on your app, so all you have to do at checkout is scan your app and it will register all of your Cartwheel deals and pay with your Red Card all with one click. In addition to this, Red Card gets you 5% cash back and free shipping if you’re shopping online! You seriously can’t lose!


Best for: almost anything

Similar to Shoptagr, Honey is such an easy money-saver, you’d be crazy to not use it! Basically, all you need to do is add the extension to your browser and every time you’re in a checkout screen, Honey will automatically search for coupon codes to use on your purchase! Even better? If Honey can’t find a good promo code to use, they give you “honey gold,” which can be redeemed for gift cards for your favorite stores! I totally forgot about this feature and just checked: I HAVE $42 TO REDEEM. If that alone hasn’t convinced you, I don’t know what will. Click here for $5 right away!


Best for: almost anything

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Admittedly, I don’t use this one too often, but I recently installed their Chrome extension, which makes it much easier to use! Similar to Honey, the Ebates extension will pop up when there’s an offer available. Then, it will give you cash back on purchases made at participating stores! I have the chrome extension as well as their app so I never miss a deal. Some of the best stores included on Ebates are Amazon, Macy’s, Sephora, and Nordstrom Rack, but there are seriously hundreds, so you’ll need to explore their site yourself, you even get $10 when you sign up here!


Best for: almost anything

Remember when you were a little kid and you would look through the ads in the Sunday paper, pointing to what you wanted for Christmas, begging your mom would remember? Or maybe your grandma would have you help her clip coupons? That was RetailMeNot. Well, actually, that was RedPlum, but RetailMeNot bought RedPlum and now they’re taking on the world wide web. RetailMeNot reports on all of the sales and deals going on across the entire internet. I subscribe to their newsletter and find out deals every day that I never would’ve known about had I not had RetailMeNot! Of course, they have a stellar app as well, to make saving money super easy. From Target to Papa John’s to Chickfila to Macy’s, RetailMeNot knows it all.


Best for: shopping through your phone

Drop is really what inspired me to write this post, however, I don’t use it as much for clothing as I do for eating out (but I’ll explain that in another post). You really need to shop through your phone to benefit from Drop most of the time (but not all of the time!), which is hard for me because I do most of my shopping on my laptop. However, Drop is super easy to use. The basic premise of Drop is to earn points through your purchases and then eventually, you redeem those points for gift cards. I once got 12,000 points from one Sephora purchase, which is the equivalent of $12, aka I saved money at Sephora on top of the sale I was purchasing during! Win-win! Honestly though, most of the points I earn with Drop when buying clothes is at Target… because let’s be honest: I probably shop there more than anywhere else. The best part? Target is one of the retailers I don’t have to shop through the app to earn from! I just connect my RedCard (or debit card) to the app and it tracks how much I spend and rewards me with points! Amazing. Get $5 right away just by signing up here!


Best for: almost anything

Okay, I’ll be honest: I really haven’t used Ibotta for clothes. I usually use it for groceries! (I’ll explain in another post!) But I always forget that you can use Ibotta for so much more than groceries! Just quickly browsing the “clothing” section of the app, I see Express, Gap and J.Crew as some of the cash-back deals! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out!


Best for: out-of-stock items or high-priced items

I’m sure all of you have at least heard of Poshmark. Many of you probably already use Poshmark! I talked about Poshmark years ago in this post, and still use it to this day! However, when you think Poshmark, most of the time you’re thinking about making money, not spending it, right? Well, it’s time to think differently. Imagine you’ve found the perfect Rebecca Minkoff bag online, but you’re not willing to shell out the big bucks for it. All you need to know is the name of the product, or at least a general description, and you can usually find the same product for much less on Poshmark, often times brand new! I actually did this one time when I found a formal dress online I was in love with but it was sold out everywhere! I found it on Poshmark from a woman my size who had only worn it once! It worked out perfectly!

My final tip? Sign up for email lists if you’re shopping online! Almost every retailer will reward you for joining their newsletter, and if you’re just making a one-time purchase, simply unsubscribe after you’ve used their code! I hope everyone has a successful Black Friday and Cyber Week, go get those savings everyone! Comment below or on my latest Instagram with the best saving tip you have for shopping for clothes! I could always use more ideas! Don’t forget, this isn’t the last money-saving post! Be on the lookout for posts on how to save money on groceries, travel and more!



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