The One App You Need To Organize Your Closet

A few weeks ago, I felt like I literally had 3 outfits I would wear to work. I was self-conscious that I was rewearing the same outfit over and over, and as the weather cools down, I know my “Fall” clothes were even more lacking. But I wasn’t about to go on a shopping spree to get a whole new wardrobe. And by some perfect timing (shout out to whoever is running their social media) I was served an ad for the Stylebook App.   Before I even start this post, I want to make it clear that it is not sponsored.

Stylebook App The One App You Need To Organize Your Closet

This app has seriously changed my closet. I’ve been able to get rid of clothes I don’t love, realize what pieces my closet is lacking and create more outfits than I ever thought possible. 

So why do you need this app? 

You’ll realize how many great outfits you already have in your closet and will buy less.

You’ll be able to visualize new pieces in your closet and see if they’re worth the $$$.

You’ll be able to pack for trips efficiently and easily.

Now that I’ve totally convinced you, I’ll start by explaining how the app works and then I’ll get into some of the awesome features available. 

The first thing you need to do after downloading the app (it is $3.99, but in my opinion, it’s totally worth it) is importing everything in your closet. This sounds totally overwhelming, I know. But during this process, I was able to pull out items in my closet I didn’t even want to waste time importing and threw them in my “Goodwill” and “Poshmark” piles. Anyway, there are a few different ways to import your closet. 

  • Taking photos in the app – You’re able to take pictures of your clothes directly in the app, either one at a time or “multiple,” which means it will reopen the camera right after you finish each item. This is the option I chose because it was easy and I wanted to get it done quick and efficiently. 
  • Take photos with your camera, outside the app – You’re also able to take pictures with your own camera app and then upload them into the Stylebook App. This is the option my mom chose because she wanted to shoot with her iPhone and then edit with her iPad at a later time!
  • Import photos – If you’re concerned about how the clothing looks, quality-wise, and you know you can find your items online, this is your best bet. I’ll be honest, some of the pictures I took of my clothes are not great. But the app is for my eyes, so I wasn’t too concerned. I also know I wouldn’t be able to find pictures of a lot of my clothes online because they’re either very old or they’re from somewhere like TJMaxx and impossible to locate online. But now when I order something online, I do import the photos of the new items so I don’t have to have another photoshoot.

Once you’ve taken or imported your photos, you have the option to make the background transparent. This makes it easy to play around with items and truly imagine an outfit, rather than just having square photos. If you’re taking your own pictures, you want to lay items on a white background (if they’re not white) with natural lighting so that the app can detect the edge of the item. If you’re shooting white or lightly colored items, you can lay them on a darker background (or you can manually erase the background – I’ll get to that in a minute). My duvet cover is a very very light pink and is in front of my large windows, so I used that for my background. One you take/upload a picture, Stylebook shows a slider at the bottom to increase or decrease the amount of background shown. Once you slide it to where none of your item is transparent, I click the “manual edit” to manually erase the background that it couldn’t detect. This was especially helpful when I shot my white and tan colored items because the app couldn’t detect them on my light background. 

Once you’re happy with how the picture looks, you can add some details about the item if you’d like. Stylebook gives you so many options to input details – color, fabric, size, season, brand, status, price and URL, as well as a “notes” section to note any other details you want to remember. I’ll go into more detail on how to utilize these details later on, but you can either add these right when you take the photos or later on!

Now the fun (ish) part begins. It’s time to start making “looks.” I say “ish” because this is also the hard part because you have to actually be able to put looks together! Some people are very good at this, but people like me can struggle with it! Luckily, Stylebook has created a feature that will help get your brain juices flowing (ew I’m so sorry I just said that). It’s called the Outfit Shuffle, where you basically choose a few categories (i.e. Tops, Jeans, Shoes, etc.) and allow the app to “shuffle” your items to create new looks. Obviously, this is a pretty hit or miss function, as the app is literally just shuffling the items without any concept of style or color, but it’s a great feature to help you start brainstorming. Another awesome feature is the “duplication” feature. Once you make a look that you love, you can make a copy of it, making it easy to simply swap out an item or two to complete a whole new look. This is perfect if you’re planning travel looks with just a few items. 

Once you’re done creating outfits, it’s really up to you on how to use the app. I (try) log my outfit every day (except for days I stay in my sweats all day….), but throughout the last few weeks of messing with this app (and obviously researching it because I’m a type 5) I’ve come up with some awesome uses for Stylebook. If you use Stylebook and have other uses I’ve missed, please comment below! I love learning new uses!

  • What Clothes You Don’t Wear – This might be an obvious use for Stylebook, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to eliminate clothes you haven’t worn in a few months. If you go to “Style Stats” and then “Worn History,” you’re able to see both your least worn and most worn items. I think I’ll use this most at the end of the season when I can determine how much of my fall clothes I actually wore.
  • Repeating Outfits – I mentioned this above for one of the main reasons I downloaded Stylebook. I admittedly have a HORRIBLE memory. Like so bad I can’t remember what I wore last week. By tracking what outfit I wear each day, I can easily look back on what I wore and when.
  • Planning Packing Lists – Let’s be real. The worst part of vacationing is packing. What if I don’t pack the right things? What if I pack too much and my luggage is too heavy? The worries are endless. One of the coolest parts of Stylebook is the “Packing” feature. You’re able to create different trips, and then create your packing list, either by entering outfits (which will automatically add the items included to your list) or by entering items and then creating outfits from those items. You can also add notes for the trip like an itinerary, weather, etc. Once you’re done, you can view an infographic of all of the items you need to pack so you can easily throw everything into your packing cubes and jet off. I’m so excited to use this to pack for my upcoming trips!
  • Cost Per Wear – I mentioned above that one of the details you can add to each is the price of the item. I didn’t choose to do this (because I’ve honestly owned most of my clothes for so long) but it would be so useful if you want to see the true cost of expensive items you own. Let’s say you buy that expensive purse you’ve been buying for a while. But you want to track if you’re getting good use out of it. Obviously, the more you wear it, the cost per wear goes down. 
  • Color Scheme – Another detail you can add for each item is the color. I chose to do this simply out of curiosity, but then I realized how useful it really is. Once your items have colors identified, the Style Stats will show you what colors you wear the most. To no surprise, my main colors are black and white, followed by blue, mainly because of all of my denim. Anyway, the reason this is helpful is that it will solidify your “color scheme” (in case you didn’t already know what yours is) making shopping much easier and efficient. For example, I recently was browsing the racks at my local TJMaxx and if you know TJMaxx, it is very much a hunt. You have to be very strategic in your search. However, because I know I wear primarily neutrals, with red and pink as accent colors, I was able to focus my search on items of those colors. I know that other colors most likely wouldn’t fit well in my closet, therefore making it a waste of money because I want to be able to mix and match my entire closet. 
  • Know What You Have When Shopping – I don’t have a huge clothing collection, however, like I mentioned above, my memory is shit. If I literally have my entire closet in my phone, I’ll be able to quickly pull up my Stylebook while shopping to make sure I don’t have a similar item, or I can make sure it will go with the other items I already have.
  • Find New Outfit Combos – I mentioned the Outfit Shuffle above, but this little tool could be the difference between “I have nothing to wear” and getting a whole new look. I always get stuck in that rut where I wear the same combination of items: jeans, jacket, tee shirt, and sneakers. It gets boring. But using the Outfit Shuffle it suggests looks I never would’ve thought of!
  • Plan Outfits With New Items – Because I’m transitioning to Fall in my closet, I’ve begun selling some older clothes on Poshmark and started shopping for new items. However, using Stylebook, I’m able to import the items I have my eye on and style future looks with them. That way, I know how I’ll wear it before I even click “purchase,” therefore making it more likely I’ll wear it many times. If I import an item and realize it doesn’t go with the rest of my wardrobe, I know it won’t be worth it and won’t purchase it. 
  • Inspiration – One feature I haven’t mentioned yet is the Inspiration section. Whether its from Pinterest or Instagram, or even a subtle pic you took of a girl you saw at a bar (hey no judgment) this is the spot to consolidate all of that style inspo you collect. I use this section to reference when I’m building new outfits, but you can also include these pictures in your “looks” so you can see how to style your items. 
  • Keep Track Of Status – Another detail you can add to each item is the status. This includes available, dry cleaners, laundry basket, want it, lent out, at the tailor, to donate, in storage and should replace. Now if you seriously would update the status every time you wear an item, you are much more organized than me. I didn’t really find this detail relevant for me but if you’re someone who’s constantly lending out clothing or forgetting what’s at the dry cleaners, I could totally see this as useful! 
  • But Most Importantly…. Plan Outfits From Bed – What’s worse than spending way too much time staring at your hangers in your closet in the morning trying to figure out what to wear, only to reach for the same thing you always wear? This was me. But now, I can pick out my outfit from my phone, while I still lay in bed soaking up those extra minutes of horizontalness in the morning. If that’s not reason enough to download that app, then I don’t know what is.

Phew. That was a lot. But I couldn’t just hold all of this good info in my brain. I needed to share it with y’all! I can’t wait to continue to explore the app and find even more uses for it. If you’re ready to download Stylebook, click here. Already have the app? Comment below or on my most recent Instagram with how you like to use it! I’m so curious! 



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