Products Worth Buying from Sephora

Another Sephora sale!! Husbands, boyfriends… significant others.. will soon be sighing at credit card bills not even looking up to realize their lady (or gent!!) suddenly has flawlessly radiant skin. HA. We all know the…

We all know the joke that Sephora can leave quite the dent in a budget. Some might ask, why not just buy drugstore makeup and skincare? As someone who's working their first full-time job, paying bills and rent, etc., I get this more than anyone! Trust me, I wouldn't spend $$$ on stuff I didn't think was worth it. Today I'm sharing products that are worth shelling out the cash!

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What’s in My Makeup Bag?

I’ve seen a lot of makeup posts in my day, and I’ve decided it’s time to try my luck at it. Now, I’m no beauty guru. I couldn’t tell you what colors look good on…

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Why I Stopped Drinking Soda

In my opinion, there’s only two types of people. People that are addicted to soda (no, I’m not calling it “Coke” like a Texan… yet) and people that don’t drink it at all. Throughout high…

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My Accutane Story

*Updated: August 2017* Middle school is a rough time for most of us. If you weren’t awkward, unfortunate looking or super weird in middle school, you’re probably lying. Something all too common in middle school…

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