The Truth About Freshman Year

A few weeks ago during recruitment, I was chatting with some of my sorority sisters about our freshman year experience. Even though it was a mix of seniors, juniors, and sophomores, we all agreed on…

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What’s In My Backpack (Including My New Favorite Planner)

Ever since I can remember I’ve looooooved shopping for school supplies. I remember when I was in elementary school, I would get so excited when we’d finally get our school supplies list because that meant it…

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The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Recommendation Packet

Welcome to my sorority recruitment series! I started this blog two years ago to help women like me through college, Greek life, and every little bit in between and I’m not slowing down now! This…

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Formal 2016

Hi y’all! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I was so so busy, so I just wanted to share a few pics from my formal! I’ll let you in on a few very important formal…

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How to Conquer Your School’s Career Fair

As college students, we’re lucky. Like real lucky. We have people that are actually trying to help us get jobs. There are people that are only here to find us jobs. Out in the real world,…

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