Surviving Your College Mini-Fridge (While Staying Healthy)

Like every college student, I struggle with eating healthy daily. I have the power to eat whatever, whenever I what, which is quite different than back at home where Mom does the grocery shopping. In…

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Study Inspiration for Your Best Semester Yet

I was recently browsing my Pinterest feed (when am I not?) when I came across something that caught my eye. Really. Beautiful. Class. Notes. I’m not talking about beautiful stationary, I’m talking about aesthetically pleasing…

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Things You Miss When You Go Back to College

The time has finally come. It’s time to leave your warm, cozy home and head back to college to your dorm, textbooks and parties. I started writing this post just thinking about the things I’d…

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I Survived Another Semester of College!

Y’all!! I did it!!! I survived first semester of sophomore year! I know I’ve talked about it a little, but sophomore year is no piece of cake. I definitely took the easiness of freshman year…

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Advice to Those Finishing Their First Semester of College

Can you believe that a whole semester has flown by already? I can’t believe I’m already halfway done with sophomore year! I know that freshman year, I was still a newbie at all of this,…

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