How to Pack for Any Trip

Learn how to pack for any trip, even when you can’t seem to stop overpacking! Recently I asked on my Instagram if y’all wanted a post on how I pack for trips and y’all said…

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Beginning 2018 in San Francisco

New year… new blogger? Nah, not new, just more motivated. I always get super motivated to get back to blogging when I’m on breaks from school. It’s so much easier to focus on blogging when…

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The Best Places to Instagram in Kansas City

For those of you lovely human beings that follow me on Instagram, you probably saw on my story last week that I finally went home to Kansas City to visit my parents/take a little vacay. For anyone…

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The 4 Apps You Need When Traveling Abroad

Well everyone, I’ve survived finals (ended up with my highest GPA in college yet, I might add). But it didn’t take me long to head off to my next adventure: Europe! While this trip was part study…

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A Kansas City Staycation

Happy New Year friends! Can I just say how glad I am that 2016 is over?! T-God. This year, my dad had the grand idea of doing a vacation instead of showering each other with Christmas…

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