Best Places to Instagram in Fort Worth

Inspired by Helene’s post about the best places to photograph in Nashville, I decided Fort Worth needed a little love, too! Dallas seems to get a lot of press because of its “trendiness,” but I…

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A [Very Late] Cabo San Lucas Recap

Last time on the blog, I showed you how to pack for a five-day Mexican vacation in one carry on, but now I’m here for the fun stuff: what I actually did in Mexico! (Bare with…

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Packing for a Five-Day Trip to Mexico in a Carry On

While I was packing for my recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I did my usual research via Pinterest on what to bring, how to pack, etc. I decided that this would be the…

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My Travel Bucket List

For the last few weeks, I’ve been obsessing over all of the fabulous vacations people have been taking during their Christmas breaks. Whether fellow bloggers, or friends in real life, there were so many great…

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The Kansas Girl Takes NYC

Ah, the melting pot of the world. Smells of excess street-trash, loud subways and phone calls and little privacy. That’s right. This Midwestern girl made her way to the Big Apple this weekend. My big…

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