My Trader Joe’s Must-Haves

For those of you who watch my Instagram stories, you know I’m a bigggg Trader Joe’s gal. I’m there once a week, but I go HAM (hard as a mothaf*cker, in case you’re wondering). I’ve posted…

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How To Find Your Optimal Times to Tweet

I was writing a post the other day and like any good blogger (this is being said with sarcasm, by the way) I was scheduling out tweets using Buffer. However, I was curious what times…

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How To Come Out Of Your Shell at a New Job

It’s crazy to think I’ve been at my internship almost eight (!!!) months now. I still remember getting my acceptance email and practically jumping for joy (it was, after all, my dream internship). Now that…

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I’m Obsessed: June 2017

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I wish I was kidding when I say that I f******g hate “____ Favorites” posts. But I’m not. Those are the posts I skip on Bloglovin’…

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The 4 Apps You Need When Traveling Abroad

Well everyone, I’ve survived finals (ended up with my highest GPA in college yet, I might add). But it didn’t take me long to head off to my next adventure: Europe! While this trip was part study…

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